Need A Reputable Lead Provider?

There are many companies in South Africa purporting to offer data; but how many of them are above-board; and able to offer you with useable and fresh leads? How many of them can offer you segmented leads from your geographic area of business?

Whether you are looking for insurance leads; or to drive feet into store, selection of your lead provider is critical to your success. These are key factors to consider:

1) Ensure that your lead provider is not just a 鎲€ist?provider
Lists are a dime a dozen. Your provider should offer effective segmentation to your ideal customer, i.e. provide a data analytics service that determines the exact share here profile of your customer. This, in turn, drives the data segmentation process, to ensure that the records provided; fit your profile exactly and have a higher propensity to convert into sales.

2) Ensure that your lead provider has adequate data to supply your needs on a long term basis
Lead generation is not a once-off exercise. Once your profile has been determined; establish how many records the lead provider holds that 鎶恑t the bill? How many records will you require score hero cheats 2016 per month to feed your sales funnel? Your lead provider must be able to meet your requirements.

3) Select a supplier that can accurately identify customers in your area
Are you looking to drive feet into store? Do you need to target specific demographics in your area? Select a supplier with geo-spatial capabilities; that is able to identify potential customers that fit your ideal profile in the vicinity of your store/locale.

4) Select a lead supplier that is willing to work with you on risk
A supplier that is willing to share in your success/failure is one that is confident in the quality of their data. The lead provider will be willing to work hard to determine the ideal data set that will return the lowest cost per acquisition; and highest customer acquisition. Why? Just like you; the lead provider will only make money from successful campaigns.

Plum Solutions?ticks all the boxes and more! Our PILL product provides Profiled Intelligent Location-based Leads; that are customised, relevant and actionable. Through our in-house proprietary models we hill climb racing hack tool have developed techniques that allow the client to achieve optimal results. Our business model includes adapting to and applying best practice within the ever changing database management environment.

For a strategic look at your lead generation and consumer profile needs, Contact Us…

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