Is the Company You Keep Preventing You From Manifesting Your Desires?

We all have different kinds of people in our lives. Some are happy and upbeat and enjoy life to the fullest, others are serious, ultra motivated and never stray from the path leading to their goals, while many of us also have friends who are drama/trauma queens who thrive on difficulties, and in fact attract difficulties because of their mindset. We feel differently when in the company of the positive, upbeat people than we do when we are in the company of the drama queens and people who seem to always be in some kind of difficulty.
For a long time, I thought I just felt drawn to certain people and anxious or uncomfortable around others because of their personalities. The upbeat, positive, soft spoken people in my life have always been the ones I seem to gravitate to, with a few exceptions for the funny people in my life who can make me laugh uncontrollably. For me, laughter is indeed an excellent remedy for most any ailment.
It is ALWAYS wise to surround ourselves with those people who make us feel good. When we are in their company we feel positive and happy and everything is possible for us.
When we subject ourselves to the company of someone whose personality is irritating or forceful or angry it affects our mood as we are taking on their negative energy. It is always best to limit our exposure to people who make us angry or anxious because it affects our energy and when our energy is depleated it makes manifesting more difficult.
We often find ourselves in the company of people who make us feel less than ideal out of a sense of obligation or because we don’t want to seem rude. Being around people like share this site this is rarely worth the price we pay in terms of low energy, exhaustion or just plain not feeling well after we have had to tolerate their negative energy for any significant or sometimes even a short period of time.
Instead of feeling like we have to share our website accept an invitation and know that we are not going to feel well because of the people we will see, we need to decide that our energetic well being is more important that accepting the invitation in order to be polite or socially acceptable. We all know what is right for us and how we will feel based on what we decide to do. The right decision is always the decision that is in our best interest.
So when you just don’t feel up to being around a certain person, listen to that feeling. It’s your inner guidance telling you that your energy and your mood will be negatively affected if you are in that person’s company. This is a great reason to choose to be in the company of those who make us happy, and to avoid the company, whenever possible, of those who make us feel less than ideal.

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