Is The History of Vaccines Routed in Fraud? Part-2

In Part -1, it showed that: -Edward Jenner had bogus credentials. For example, it was revealed that he had never passed an exam in his life and was given a range of credentials by the establishment of the time, suggesting that this was done to make him look like a plausible proponent as a cover up to a much flawed vaccine theory.

Jenner’s claim, that he used cow pox as a vaccine to cure James Phipps was hotly disputed by his medical contemporaries at the time and such a cure has never been used or proven to this day.

Important documentation in 1820 by John Baron reveals that his friend Edward Jenner did not find a cure for smallpox, as Jenner confided in Baron.

-Isopathy giving an attenuated form of the disease to encourage immunity has been known for centuries before Jenner’s times.

Further Attempts

Later, Jenner made modifications to his cowpox matter vaccine. He added horse-grease. This was made up of seborrhoeal legions; a scaling disorder of the skin on horses’ hoofs caused by poor sanitation in stables.

Jenner hailed this new concoction of horse-grease cowpox as ‘the life-preserving fluid.’ He went on to make many correspondences regarding its life-saving virtue. However, one slight thing had to be done. He needed to try it out to see if it worked!

He inoculated a young boy called John Baker with horse-grease. Then, unfortunately, before Jenner could continue and inoculate Baker with smallpox, to see if it would take, the experiment came to a halt. The boy died of a fever.

Jenner tried other children, including his own son. Some were treated with variations on his vaccine formulation, such as the inclusion of swinepox, but to no avail. These children were also not infected with smallpox to see if it would take.

In spite of the experiments failing to prove the resistance to smallpox from inoculation, after four years, Jenner continued making his claim to the efficacy of the vaccine. He declared he had named it ‘vaccinia vaccinae’ (Latin for smallpox of the cow, which, I guess, gives some scientific overtones into something that is otherwise not!) and said it gave immunity against smallpox for life!

Animal then human torture fraud

The production of smallpox was made in a most barbaric way: Shaving the fur off the abdomens of cows, making cuts across this area, and inserting pus from human smallpox into the wounds. Then, not allowing licking the wounds, the cows become diseased and scrapings were made from their bellies. The scrapings collected, consisted of skin, flesh, festering pus, blood and hair: -This was the vaccine.

The vaccine was introduced into humans by making cuts in their arms and inserting it into the wounds. Because there was no such thing as a refrigerator in those days, vaccine supplies were limited; so one individual inoculated in this way then immediately passed on the inoculation to another by making cut arm to cut arm contact. The second dominations cheats tool inoculated individual would then pass the Electric Tea Kettle Reviews inoculation on to another in the same way and so on…

It doesn’t take someone reading this with qualifications in microbiology to realise that the method of transfer was very risky. The technique used allowed individuals to unknowingly infect others with a whole range of different possible diseases. Many of the victims were children. This blood-bourne spreading of infections and diseases included: Tuberculosis, pneumonia, brain damage, leprosy, syphilis, ulcerative sores starting at the point of vaccination then spread throughout the body causing a rotting away… Cases of this form of spreading all these diseases are well documented. For example, it was recorded in early nineteenth century Italy that over sixty children contracted syphilis during one vaccination session.

So here you not only have a vaccine that was useless but also by the way it was introduced caused even more death and suffering though secondary infections. This arm-to-arm vaccination technique, allowing diseases to spread between animals and humans was not banned until the late nineteenth century.

Does share our website something not add up here?

Curiously enough, media sources such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, ABC News, Nova Science and numerous other mainstream medical literature tells us that the smallpox vaccination used today is cowpox, keeping the myth going. There are other sources like the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) that doesn’t claim the vaccine is cowpox, but does not reveal the shoddy science and quackery related to smallpox vaccinations.

At this stage, readers may wonder how on earth Jenner’s baseless theory and insane practice of vaccination ever took off. How did he manage to pull the wool over the eyes of so many doctors, surgeons and politicians of the day?

The explanation can relate to some age-old principles that can be connected to the medical / pharmaceutical establishment today. Even all these years ago, we can see corruption was going on. The first thing to realise is that contrary to what is believed, many doctors DID NOT accept Jenner’s work on vaccination and they were quick to respond after its introduction: Following the go ahead with vaccinations from the medical establishment, there soon followed an anti-vaccinationist resistance movement all over the country with good science to support their views.

Another Doctor in this era, William Woodville MD, from his studies in 1799 found similar results confirming the ineffectiveness and damage caused by the vaccine. Like many medics of this day, Woodville’s data was censored by the establishment. Jenner made his contribution towards the suppression of the data.

This suppression and obfuscation of the truth behind smallpox vaccination is still going on to this day.

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