Balance and Well-Being through the Seven Dimensions of Health

A tool that helps bring awareness to all the areas of our lives that contribute to wellness are the Seven Dimensions of Health™. The premise is that every area of our lives contributes to our health and needs to be given the same amount of energy.
What Are the Seven Dimensions of Health and How Do We Use Them?
This dimension focuses on the body. It is about the degree of efficiency in the systems of the body. In the physical dimension, we bring attention to our nutrition, our cardiovascular health, and our strength, flexibility, and balance. We also look at our ability to deal with stress, the quality of our sleep, and the amount of quiet/meditative time we spend. The human body actually gains energy and vitality from use. There are many options available designed to provide balanced physical fitness. head soccer hacks Some examples are Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, and strength training as well as running, walking, and hiking. It is not so important what we do to exercise the body as that we are consistent in the practice and that we bring a joyful attitude.
The mental dimension refers to how we take mobile strike cheats in, process, and communicate information. It is based on the belief that all people are unique in this regard. What we think subway surfers hack ios springs from what we believe. Our beliefs form how we view the world. It is important to be aware of our unique style of processing information. We can learn about the ways other people operate so we can be more harmonious with the people in our lives. Some ways to access this dimension are through meditation, reading books, and attending specialized workshops designed to enhance our understanding of how we process and communicate information. One example is Emergenetics®, a workshop that focuses on the blend of genetics and learned experiences expressed as a behavior and a way of thinking. Rapport Leadership International is a company that offers several courses on personal development that are also excellent tools for evolving our mental dimension of health. The key is education. We must embrace our unique way of living, while celebrating the differences in all the people around us.
Our social health is really about who we choose to spend our time with. It cannot be understated how important the company we keep is to our health. When we have surrounded ourselves with people who enhance us, we feel energized in their presence. The opposite is also true. It is important to remember that like energy attracts. We draw to us people who are vibrating with the same energy we are putting out into the universe. The best way to make a change in our social atmosphere is to place a focus on being the person we want to be.
Our occupational dimension includes all the roles we choose to occupy during our waking hours. Many people spend around half of their day working, yet we overlook how that time affects our wellness. Many elements of our occupation alter our ability to maintain balance. It is important to bring awareness to the amount of passion we have for our work. Can we pursue our full potential in our current situation? Do we stifle parts of our personality at work?
Awareness in this dimension can have a tremendous effect on our overall health. If our current situation is not working for us, we have choices. We can change our attitude or focus our energy in a new direction. We are always facing a choice about how we feel regarding our life circumstances.
Let’s consider the spaces we occupy. We begin by bringing awareness to our immediate surroundings, such as our homes, our vehicles, and our work spaces, and work outward to include larger spaces such as our communities, our countries, and our planet. Often, the condition of our overall well-being is reflected in our personal space. When we look at our surroundings, we can get clear about whether they express who we are and who we want to be. Often, all that is necessary is to give attention to a space. It can be as simple as painting a room or adding a plant to a cubicle. It may be as large an undertaking as replanting a burned forest. Our spaces provide a wonderful opportunity to express our passion and personality.
This dimension is centered around the emotions we attach to the events in our lives. Everything that happens can be labeled as an event. It is natural for us to have emotional reactions to events. Each emotion we attach has a result that can directly affect every other dimension. We move toward balance once we take ownership over the emotions we feel in response to the events in our lives. Things happen all day, every day that are out of our control, from wars between nations to the mood of a loved one or coworker. Once we are able to confidently say to ourselves, “I am in control over how I feel about any event,” we can maintain balance in our emotional dimension, no matter what happens.
The spiritual dimension deals with our awareness of the piece of us that makes us unique, an awareness of something larger than ourselves. The focus is on becoming clear about what we believe in down to our core and connecting (or reconnecting) with those beliefs. This dimension is the culmination of working toward balance in all the other dimensions of health. When we are doing the things necessary to pursue balance in the other six dimensions, we free up more energy for the pursuit of spiritual balance. For some the avenue is through their religion. Others find that a simple activity such as meditation provides a very deep spiritual experience. A consistent practice in meditation is one of the most widely accepted methods by which one can work on the spiritual dimension of health. Physical activities exercise the body and quiet the mind, helping us rid ourselves of the multitude of distractions that keep us from spirit. No matter what practice we choose, the connection (or reconnection) with our spirit is the most important thing.
Thinking of well-being in terms of the Seven Dimensions of Health is an effective way of breaking a large challenge into smaller, manageable pieces. Seeking balance in terms of health and well-being is a lifelong journey without a final destination. The only constant in life is change, and we must continually stay active in our pursuit of balance. In focusing on each dimension, the key is cultivating self-awareness. We must accept and take ownership of our current circumstances. Once we are cognizant of where we are, we can plan our journey. The Seven Dimensions of Health are a wonderful planning tool.
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